Hello, I am currently working with the QB-R5F10BMG-TB card together with the IAR program.

I have imported the example for "rlin3-slave" but when I try to pass it to debug (E1 emulator [R0E000010KCE00]) I get an error that is:

 Does anyone know what causes this and if there is a way to run and test the sample code correctly?
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  • On what hardware are you trying to connect and run this example build?  Have you tried other projects / builds, is this issue only with this particular project?  Can you connect to the hardware using the CS+ for CC IDE/debugger?

    You could try creating a new debug-only project and load the ELF file built from this LIN demo, as a way to start from scratch and possibly avoid and incompatible setting from the legacy tool version project.

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