‘RA78K0R error E3206: Segmant ...' and license manager running error


I am currently building the RL78 series using the CS+ program. And I have to use CS+ 4.08.00 version.

Compiler version is 'CA78K0R V1.72'.

I had to copy the environment to a laptop, so I installed and proceeded the same way, but error E3206 appeared at the same code and same setting.

ERROR MESSAGE - <RA78K0R error E3206: Segment '@@CODEL' can't allocate to memory - ignored Error>

The related error occurred even when the license was not registered, so even after registering the floating license and running again, does not fixed.

So I deleted all programs related to renesas and reinstalled, but the license manager program did not working, just show error message.

ERROR MESSAGE - <Failure in reading license information. The file is corrupted.>

I would be very grateful if there was someone who could tell me what to do in a situation like this.