Virtual Interrupt Vector for bootloader project in IAR

Hi everyone,

I'm struggling to end a bootloader project. Specificaly, I struggle to perform a clean jump to application after flashing it.

Bootloader Project

In the bootloader project, I'm flashing the application based on a .s19 file generated by IAR in the Application Project. I want the bootloader to jump to a specific address (0x6000 in my case) to run the application. The flashing is OK, I read data from 0x6000 until the end and I am able to flash it. So I don't think the issue is coming from the bootloader project.

Application Project

By itself, the application project is working. Then I convert it to a .s19 file that I use to send data to the bootloader. I modified the linker file to make sure everything is above address 0x6000. But when I'm look at the .s19 file, there is still data remaining below this address. 

I was advised to check my Interrupt Vector table and to create a Virtual Interrupt Vector Table referring to the real one. The thing is, I really don't know how to do this in IAR (Version 7). I have seen other project using an irq_table.s87 file but I haven't this in my project, only a .xcl file for the linker.

Thanks in advance for your help, I hope I gave you enough information

Have a good day !

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