How to check the time between two breakpoint hits ?

Dear Community,

I'm using HW timer to get the interrupt at every 250uSec, and when I'm checking with below setting it is showing as 200 uSec.

Note : Break point is kept in ISR. 


May i know if any other way to check the time gap between two breakpoints ?

How to pause the HW timer when emulation is stopped ?

Thank you!

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  • Hi,

    Thank you! and May i get answer for 2nd Question?

    How can we pause peripheral execution from continuing when a breakpoint is reached?

    For example, if I set a breakpoint within my scheduler to measure its execution time, the CPU execution halts when the breakpoint is triggered, but the hardware timer continues running.

    Consequently, when the next breakpoint is reached, the displayed execution time may be incorrect because the hardware timer was still running while the CPU execution was paused.

    Could you advise on a method to ensure accurate execution time measurement despite the interruption caused by breakpoints?


  • There is no  way to improve the accuracy of this method.

    Another way to measure execution time between 2 points, is to toggle a GPIO and use a logic analyzer to understand the time interval between them.