F0563100:Section address overflow out of range : ".SLIB"


I am using RL78/G13 with e2 studio IDE. I having a problem of Section address overflow out of range : ".SLIB"

My code size was shown as larger than my controller size. But I didn't increase any script in a project even my backup project also I can't Build, That same error came.

So I doubted in IDE. I was tried many things but I can't to solve this issue.

Is anything I want to change or check. I was attached details in below .Please check and  give a solution for this.

Renesas Optimizing Linker (W3.06.00 )             27-Feb-2024 11:40:12

*** Options ***

-library="C:\Program Files (x86)\Renesas\RL78\1_13_0\lib\rl78cm4s.lib"
-library="C:\Program Files (x86)\Renesas\RL78\1_13_0\lib\rl78cm4r.lib"
-library="C:\Program Files (x86)\Renesas\RL78\1_13_0\lib\malloc_n.lib"

*** Error information ***

W0561120:Section address is not assigned to ".SLIB"
F0563100:Section address overflow out of range : ".SLIB"

*** Mapping List ***

SECTION                            START      END         SIZE   ALIGN
                                  00000000  0000007f        80   0
                                  00000080  00000083         4   2
                                  00000084  000000b3        30   2
                                  00000080  00000080         0   2
                                  000000c0  000000c3         4   1
                                  000000c4  000000cd         a   1
                                  000000ce  000000d7         a   1
                                  000000d8  0000014f        78   2
                                  00000150  000001cc        7d   2
                                  000001ce  00001525      1358   2
                                  00001526  00001cd0       7ab   1
                                  00001cd1  00002a37       d67   1
                                  00003000  00009753      6754   2
                                  00009754  0001fcb5     16562   1
                                  0001fe00  0001ffff       200   1
                                  000fcf00  000fdfdd      10de   2
                                  000fdfde  000ff335      1358   2
                                  000ffe20  000ffe20         0   2
                                  000ffe20  000ffe20         0   2
                                  000ffe20  00102192      2373   1


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