How can i create static library for RL78 in e2 studio?


I'm working with RL78/I1D. I want to create static library but I didnt see any options or method to project creation for that. I have two options in new project menu. These ara Renesas CC-RL C7C++ Executable Project or  Renesas CC-RL C7C++ Library Project. I guess these dont work for me. I tried some posts on this forum but they didnt work.  How can i cretae static library and use it in my applications?


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  • Thanks for your answer.

    I created library project as you said. After that I changed Type of output file option (Properties-> C/C++ Build-> Settings-> Linker-> Output-> Type of output file -> User library). Now i have  *.lib file in project directory when i build this library project. İf i want to use them on another executable project, i add them Linker-> Input part.