Problem Using Dataflash in RL78/G12 CC-RL Project


I'm just learning the RL78/G12 R5F10278 processor with E2Studio.

When I created an RL78/G12 CC-RL project for the first time, I encountered the following error while uploading my code.

I filled in the yellow fields shown in the picture below and my problem was solved. I'm not sure if the beginning of the memory address is correct. 

I was able to operate the button and LED without any problems. 

My main purpose is to keep a variable that changes with the button state permanently in memory. I will use dataflash for this. I followed the "PFDL library" installation

instructions for CC-RL in the link below.

I looked at the self RAM list document below and As mentioned in step 7, I skipped this step because there was no space for the FDL T04 library on the device I was using.

As a result, I get the following error messages.

I am using CC-RL Compiler V11 because it is the PFDL library installation document and the trial version has expired. But it says that I can use up to 64kb, so I don't think that's the reason for the problem. I also got errors with the GCC compiler project and failed to use dataflash. I need your help on this matter. Thank you.

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