Using code flash with EEL on RL78G13

Dear community,

I'm working on the RL78G13 (R5F100ML) and I have to store quite a lot of parameters in the internal flash.

Now I have a working project that can store the data on the Data Flash using the eprom emulation library (EEL), however the 8k of Data Flash are not enough to store everithing, while the code flash is 512k and I could easly reserve some of these pages for the parameters.

I suppose I can use the FSL library to store the parameters in some dedicated section of the Code Flash, is this correct?

But, is it possible to configure the EEL library to use the Code Flash instead of the Data Flash? In the EEL library sources it is mentioned that by setting #define  EEL_STORAGE_TYPE C' the physical storage used by EEL will be the Code Flash, however if I try, the compiler fails (it doesn't find FCL). My guess is that on this platform using the EEL with Code Flash is not supported, is this correct?

Thank you,