E0562320:Section address overflowed out of range : ".dataR"


I got the error with RL78/L13: E0562320:Section address overflowed out of range : ".dataR" .

I've selected "Locate ROM to far area" as per this suggestion:


but the issue persisted.

Any idea?


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  • Hi,

    Constant variables would be stored in ROM.

    But in my case, I'd like to use a variable and it should be in RAM, right?

    I am using R5F10WLC with 1.5kB RAM. Is there any way to somehow expand it by configurations ?


  • Yes, that's the case. You need to optimize your code in a way that avoids declaring global and static variables as much as possible.

    Optimize your structs and arrays to consume less RAM, avoid using large data types when isn't necessary, and refactor your code so that variables are declared and used within the scope of their respective functions, rather than at the top of the program.

    However, depending on your program and coding style, you might still find yourself running out of RAM even after implementing best practices. In such cases, you may need to consider using another MCU with a larger RAM capacity.

    I hope you find this information helpful. Feel free to ask more questions or share your code if you need further assistance

    Renesas Engineering Community Moderator