Reserve ROM area in linker


i'm using RX66T on a e2studio Version: 2022-04 (22.4.0) with CC-RX compiler

is there a way to reserve a certain area of ​​the ROM so that the linker does not insert any variables to the addresses in the range?

  • You don't mention which compiler that you are using (GCC or CC-RX), but the linker section definitions can control memory allocation.  GCC is probably easier to manage in this regard, there is a LD file that can be edited:

    There are many references online for GCC, the LD file format is the same for all architectures.

    CC-RX is a bit less straight forward in my opinion, the linker uses the DVF device file for linker section placement by default, there are ways to override and change these settings, you would have to read the docs for this tool and play around with the linker to figure it out.

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