ID code over debugger sessions

Hi there,

I'm finishing a project with a RX24T device and the E2Studio. Right now I have to protect my work. For this reason I would like to activate the ID code in order to avoid the copy firmware.

I have activated the " ROM Code Protection" and the " ID Code Protection", but unfortunately seems that the debugger sessions just update the first.

Please have a look :

Could be that the debugger sessions doesn't work with the  "ID Code Protection" feature?

Thansk a lot

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  • Hi JB,

    I have been investigating and finally I have fixed it.

    Have been my fail. Conclusions:

    - On debug sessions seems no ID code is update, nevertheless is evaluated.

    - Be ware with the endian format on ID code. Its easy to fail on the Control Code byte position. If this occurs then the flash is always erased and the RenesasFlashProgrammer give a ID warning with disable IDCode, just because has been erased previously!!!

    So, at the end, Renesas, works as expected.

    Thanks a lot

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