Fill ROM section with "nop" instruction in CC-RX

Hi everybody,

I have the following situation for my project compiled via CC-RX v3.05.00:

1. I created a specific section (in this case I named it "safetyROM") using "linker" sections settings (for more details see this thread)

Specific address location for RAM variable in RX140 - Forum - RX MCU - Renesas Community

2. I specify the size for the specific section "safetyROM" to a value of, let's say, 8KB (i.e. 8192bytes) from address 0xFFFF1000 to 0xFFFF3000.

3. I put part of my code to this section using "#pragma section P SafetyROM" compiler instruction.

So far so good....

Now, If I check the "memory usage" view (see attached image), the section doesn't fill the entire segment 0xFFFF1000-0xFFFF3000,but only a part of it (in this case 4317bytes): the result is expected.

However, I would like to fill the rest of the section (i.e. up to address 0xFFFF3000) with "NOP" instruction.

QUESTION: is there a #pragma to instruct the compiler to fill the rest of the section with a specific content?

I remember that COSMIC compiler for STM8 devices comprises such a possibility and it would be great to have also on CC-RX compiler.

Many thanks for support and regards