Overwrite ISR generated from Smart Configurator

Hello everyone!

I'm working on an RX130 based project, and I need to have a custom serial receive ISR for the serial port. I've enabled the SCI module on the Smart Configurator and then I added my functions in the user area delimited by the comments in Config_SCI0_User.c. Between these function there is my custom serial receive ISR, named r_Config_SCI0_receive_interrupt() like the one generated by Smart Configurator, marked as an ISR using the pragma directive.
The problem is that every time the Smart Configurator decides to re-generate the files, it adds back the default ISR, causing a compiler error for duplicate function, and the only way to solve that is to manually delete the default ISR.

Is there a way to tell Smart Configurator to not generate that ISR? I've also taught about changing the function name, but I don't know what the compiler will do if it sees two functions marked with #pragma on the same interrupt vector.



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