Erasing/Writing to Flash Segmentation Fault


Am using RX66N chip, embOs operating system, developing in e2Studio with RXCC compiler.

Using Liner mode in flash.

Writing/Erasing any block in Bank-0 (FFC0 0000[FLASH_CF_BLOCK_133] - FFDF FFFF[FLASH_CF_BLOCK_74]) is causing segmentation fault in free run.

Thread #1 1 (single core) [core: 0] (Suspended : Signal : SIGTRAP:Trace/breakpoint trap)

If I step through the code using debugger, am not seeing any issue.

Can write/erase any block in Bank-1(FFE0 FFFF - FFFF FFFF) without any issue. 

From bootloader(not having OS), able to write to both Bank-0 and Bank-1 (FFC0 0000 - FFFF FFFF) without any issue.

Anyone faced this issue? Thanks for answering. 


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