C/C++ Compiler Package for RX Family license question

Dear team,

My customer wants a permanent license for the professional version of our Compiler for RX but has two questions.

1. What property of the computer is used for the node-locked version?

2. What version of Windows is required for each of the two versions (node-locked / floating)?

Waiting for your kind feedback, thanks a lot.



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  • Hi Sergey,

    1. The customer needs only one station, so what is the difference between the professional version and the standard version?

    As for a yearly vs. permanent license, If they purchase a permanent license, then the decision between node-based and floating would, again, be based on the pricing, as well as on the conditions of the node-based option.

    2. It raises another question for instance, if the node-based option is dependent on the serial number of a hard drive, then this means that the license isn't really permanent - it will last only for the life of the disk which is about 5 years OR the permanent node-locked license could be transported into different PC in case the PC got broken/replaced?

    Waiting for your kind feedback on the subject, thanks in advance.