C/C++ Compiler Package for RX Family license question

Dear team,

My customer wants a permanent license for the professional version of our Compiler for RX but has two questions.

1. What property of the computer is used for the node-locked version?

2. What version of Windows is required for each of the two versions (node-locked / floating)?

Waiting for your kind feedback, thanks a lot.



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  • Shai,

    Information on types of licenses is located here: www.renesas.com/.../compiler-licenses

    Also here is a document that talks about the professional License

    The annual license is the same software but time locked for 1 year upon activation of the product

    The permanent license is good for the Major version of the compiler and will also include any step updates.  Example Version 1.xx.xx ( Major. step. patch) as long as you stay on the major version the license is good. 

    If you want to update to the Major version that will require a purchase and we do offer upgrade pricing and you will need to contact your sales for that pricing information.

    If you are concerned the NODE-LOCKED version doesn't rely on Hard Drive or Network Card IDs as a locking mechanism. 

    The floating license will require that you setup a computer as a license sever that is on the same network as the computers that will be using the license.  It is a check out / in operation.  I will mention that once you check in a license can take as much as 10-20 minutes to fully release the license for the next check out of the license.


    License Manager V2.05.00 User's Manual

    Floating License Server V2.04.00 User's Manual Rev.1.00

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