RX66T-R5F566TAEGFP PWM generation

Dear All,

       1.  I already generate the pwm .but  that configuration was need to be confirm. configuration attached here.

       2.   if configuration was not correct .How to generate Complementary pwm .

       3.  how calculate the duty ratio & switching frequency of Rx66T controller.

  • Hi Raja, I hope you’re doing well.

    If you’re willing to generate a complementary symmetric PWM using MTU3-4 you can follow these steps:

    Your initial setup is correct. and can adjust its values based on the below information

    You can utilize the configuration for generating a 3-phase phase complementary PWM :

    Here’s the output for the above setup:

    According to my setup, ‘Timer operation period’ specifies the carrier frequency of all the channels. (Which is 1KHz here).

    ‘MTU3.TGRB’ specifies the duty cycle of the MTIO3B related output pins

    ‘MTU4.TGRA’ specifies the duty cycle of the MTIO4A related output pins

    ‘MTU4.TGRB’ specifies the duty cycle of the MTIO4B related output pins

    The value of the duty cycle is determined in this way:

    MTU3.TGRB/MTU3.TGRA (4000/15900) for MTIO3B related output pins

    MTU3.TGRB/MTU4.TGRB (2000/15900) for MTIO4A related output pins

    MTU3.TGRB/MTU4.TGRB (1000/15900) for MTIO4B related output pins.

    And about the output channel configuration options, those determine the active-high, and active-low state for each channel and are hardware-specific features that you’ll need to choose based on your H-bridge driver trigger signals.

    If you need to adjust those settings in runtime and for motor control, you’ll need to go through different examples which are provided in the below links.

    First, choose the needed PWM mode, then investigate the related sample code explanations and files.


    There's a complete guide for different modes of PWM in RX66T with example files, which you can find it on this link. Also, there are more examples of Brushless motors and other motor control applications here.


    I hope you’ll find that information useful. Check the links and don’t hesitate to ask further questions if needed.

    Best regards, Hossein.

    If this response, or one provided by another user, answers your question, please verify the answer. Thank you!

    Renesas Engineering Community Moderator

  • Dear Hossein,

    Sorry for jump in. What is the name of analyzer app is that ?

  • Hi Raja, I use the Saleae logic analyzer app.  

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