RX72N GLCDC Register setting for Hsync, Vsync and DE

Hi Team,

I'm working on GLCDC RX72N.

I have came across the TCON setting for signal generation.

TCON0 and TCON1 is used for only => Vsync

TCON2 and TCON3 is used for only => Hsync

I have attached manual snap for the reference.

My understanding is correct, or I can use TCON0,1,2,3 for any signal generation like Hsync, Vsync, DE.

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  • Hi Jef,

    Thanks for your response. I will check into that.

    I have one more query regarding frame buffer toggling.

    In Application note of RX72N QE for display has a function called R_GLCDC_BufferChange for frame buffer 1 and 2 toggle, but not available in RX72N Envision kit sample code.

    My requirement is to toggle the frame buffers, so could you please help me with the full defined function.

    I have attached snap of application note.



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