rx-231 SCI6 as SPI

Dear All

I want to use RX-231 SCI6 (pin 16, 17, 18) to read / write data to external RAM.

Is there any sample code about this ?



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  • Hello Rachmat,

    Some extra comments for your request:

    The RX231 device do support simple SPI interface on SCI and SCI6 channel can be used for communication. FIT module "r_sci_rx" can be used, channel SCI6 configuration are as below - 

    The LY68L6400SLIT do support SPI and QPI mode and default power up status is SPI mode, as can be seen from the DS - 

    The device should communicate with simple SPI mode with RX FIT module


  • What is the reason of use FIT module (and smart config)? SPI setup on 231 is really simple:

    1. setup port1 (chapter 22 of RX231 HW manual)

    2. setup SCI6 fo SPI (chapter 33 of RX231 HW manual)

    3. write service routine for read/write

    Enjoy your system working...

    and throw away all that junk with FIT and smart config...