ID code verification for RX63N


i am working on the Renesas RX63N MCU,

i am getting the dialouge box of "ID code verification" while connecting through the E1 debugger..  but i have not set any password for flash in my code.

pls provide the solution for this asap and also the cause.

its urgent..

thank u. :)

  • As you noted, this is caused by a programmed ID code in the device.

    It depends on how the ID code is defined. I would propose you connect woth a flash programming software (FDT or RFP) to your device.

    If the ID code has control code 0x45 you can input 3 times a wrong ID and afterwards the complete device is erased.

    If the ID code has control code 0x52 there is no way to connect to the device if you don't know the ID code.

  • can u pls tell me how to connect with FDT..

    i have never used dnt have any option of i was unable to create workspace in FDT.

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