ID code verification for RX63N


i am working on the Renesas RX63N MCU,

i am getting the dialouge box of "ID code verification" while connecting through the E1 debugger..  but i have not set any password for flash in my code.

pls provide the solution for this asap and also the cause.

its urgent..

thank u. :)

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  • When you connect the e1 in generic boot mode using FDT you should be presented with a window to select which pins are used as output and which of these are set high.  Do you get this option?

    If you do then set the Pin Output row such that the end result give 0x36.  This should be io1 to io4.  Then we don't set any high so the Pin Setting(High) row should be 0.  These could be different depending on your hardware.

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