Data Flash unreadable after a firmware reload

Hi All,


I'm working on a RX62T microp. and I need to use the internal data Flash to store some application configurations.

I'm using the 'rx_flash_api_rx600' routine from Renesas and read and write to the data flash works fine (I mean that I can write and read data without problem).

The issue is that after a chip reprogramming with 'Renesas_Flash_Programmer V3.02.00' the Data flash become unreadable or better, reading it random values are returned.

The only way to escape this situation is to re save data into the Data Flash.

Note that in 'Renesas_Flash_Programmer V3.02.00', Data Flash block setting, all the options, erase and prog./verify, are unchecked.

Any Idea?





  • I seem to remember that FDT and RFP will naturally cause the RX parts to erase on connect. This could just be if the ID code does not match though and so you should check that the ID code set in your project matches the one used by RFP which by default is all 0xFF. If this does match then check the auto all erase before program is false and the erase before program is automatic or interactive.


  • Thank you Paul!

    I modified my ID CODE in vector_table as below:

    // ID codes (Default)


    //;0xffffffA4  Reserved


    //;0xffffffA8  Reserved


    //;0xffffffAC  Reserved



    of course I do the same i RFP....

    ....and the problem is solved!