RX111 RPB hands on exercises

Step by step exercises using e2Studio V2.1 and the RX111 Renesas Promotion Board(RPB) .

Useful for training or customer workshop.

  1. Power measurement GUI
  2. e2Studio with applilet integration
  3. LED flash via Compare match timer
  4. Variable LED flash rate using potentiometer
  5. Memory Usage view, Visual expression guage to show potentiometer setting.
  6. USB device HID
  7. USB host , flash memory stick file copy.




  • This  HID demo works great on Win7 with the included RSK_HID.EXE application.

    However, it doesn't connect to the board on my Win10 machine. The USB connection seems to work, based on the audio feedback when I plug it in. However, the application doesn't connect. There's no issue on Win7, and I was even able to verify the device name shows up in Device Manager as well.

    Is there an updated driver we should use for Win10?