SPI interface for YRDKRX63N

Hello Everyone ,

I am working with this application, https://wiki.analog.com/resources/tools-software/uc-drivers/renesas/adas1000. Its just SPI communication in High-performance Embedded Workshop.

As RX62 is not available in market so I am using RX63N. It has to be met with 32-bit format.
Kindly, answer me the following question.
1. Which SPI connector I should use for this purpose? Instead of LCD1 connector what would be the SPI port? I need 3.3V spi port for SDO,SDI,CS,CLK.
2. According to datasheet page number 19, in table number 7-1 which mode I have to consider? i mean Debug mode or Run mode or USB boot mode?
3. For the jumper setting according to page 16 on datasheet, should I do J-Link Disable or enable?
4.Should I need USB DIP Switch Settings (SW6) in table 6-7? which I have to set ?(see datasheet page 15)
5. I dont have J -link emulator and the package provider gave a wrong connector cable. Kindly, explain how to do this setting?
Best Regards