RZT2M dual motor mtu3 phase count & AB+Z


I'm trying to unravel the pins required for a dual motor board, with each motor having its own AB + Z phase counters on mtu3.

I see that MTIOC1A can be used for the Z in for motor 1.


However I'm not sure about the corresponding pin for motor 2.

A glance at the RX mtu3 (datasheet R01AN6387EJ010 ) suggests that MTIOC2A can be used.

But I do not see reference to MTIOC2A in the FSP r_mtu3.h

I am looking to attach an optiocal encoder (ABZ) such as the QM35 EZ-Comm to each motor.  Also add the flexibilty later for different protocol encoders, hence the ENCIFn.


  • Hi! Does the MTU3 support two motors attached for phase counting with Z phase? Currently experimenting with FSP v1.2.0.

    So far I have these pin mux settings.

    I'm note sure how the DIN (ENCIF 0/5) connects to the ISL32179EFRZ and dual ISL32177EFRZ solution.