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Software delay with Azure Rtos


I'm currently porting an application from Synergy S7 to RZA1H.
In the process used to run our application, we have a call to the R_BSP_Software_Delay function. While looking for a function that could behave the same way, i found in the blinky example a function named osDelay, but i couldn't find its definition and it isn't know when i call it from my azure project. 

Would anyone know of an equivalent funtion or do I have to port the R_BSP_Software_Delay function and its assembly code to the RZA1?

  • Hi MatthieuP_HQ-san,

    osDelay is not used with Azure RTOS. osDelay is a definition of CMSIS-RTOS, but if you don't use the CMSIS-RTOS API, you don't need to port it.



  • Hi Miya,
    Thank you for your answer. However, i was talking about porting "R_BSP_Software_Delay", as i didn't find its equivalent for the rza1H. Do you know if their is such a function existing, with the same behavior regarding interrupts as the Synergy function?

    I remember reading a R_BSP_Software_Delay would not be interrupted by interrupts while tx_thread_sleep would. Also tx_thread_sleep doesn't have below ms wait times...

  • Hi MatthieuP_HQ-san,

    R_BSP_Software_Delay is a function of Synergy BSP and is not currently available for RZA1H.
    It should work if you port R_BSP_Software_Delay for Synergy, but the clock calculation needs to be changed for RZA1H.
    If there is no problem with a simple alternative to R_BSP_Software_Delay, it can also be implemented by loop.



  • Hi Miya,

    Ok, thank you for your answers.