Device marking

Looking for AT45DB041E-SSHN-T and AT45DB041E-SSHN2B-T part marking.

  • let me check into that - apologies for delay. BR JE_Dialog.

  • part markingHi There, please see below.



    Note that The AT45DB041E-SSHN-T and AT45DB041E-SSHN2B-T have the same mark.  The Binary Page mode suffix ‘2B’ is by ordering code only, and is marked on the box/carton/reel labels.  The reason for this decision not to show the ‘2B’ mark is :

    1. Production flexibility.  The Standard Page size and Binary Page size can be set at the last test stage and not be limited to pr nby device marking.
    2. Insufficient space on the topside of the device to include all characters.
    3. The Standard vs binary page mode remains user selectable and the customer can change / override the settings .