AT25SF041B active current

Hi. I have 2 questions regarding the AT25SF041B:

  1. I'm looking for the active current for the AT25SF041B when CS# is asserted but no command is sent. The datasheet only mentions the active current for specific commands, but the waveforms show that the device starts consuming "active current" as soon as CS# is asserted. I would want to share the same line as CS# with a different device but would need to make sure I'm not drawing too much current when the line is asserted and no command is sent. 
  2. Also, the datasheet states that WP# is internally pulled high but does not provide any value for the pull-up. Is it possible to get the actual value of the pull-up?
  • Hi Lulu,
    When interfacing flash memory to MCU the currents flowing in or out of the I/O pins determine the correct logic levels.
    The parameters Vcc, IOL and IOH determine this.
    Since CS# and WP#(I/O2) are I/O pins, their electrical characteristics are shown as I/O electrical characteristics in the datasheet table.
    The max current required to achieve the logic level 0 (LOW) in case of #CS is a sinking current of 100 μA.
    WP# is internally pulled-high does not always mean there is a resistor pulling it high.
    IOL and IOH are the numbers you look at.

    Best regards,
    Renesas Electronics Online Support