AT25SF321B and AT25SF321 Programming

Is there a difference between AT25SF321B and AT25SF321 other than speed and operating voltage and with a programmer that can program AT25SF321, can I program AT25SF321B too?

  • Hi Egemen,
    The letter B indicates that this part is a newer part than AT25SF321 (see attachment).

    AT25SF321B has a 108 MHz Maximum Operating Frequency vs 104 MHz for AT25SF321
    AT25SF321B Operating voltages 2.7 V - 3.6 V vs 2.5 V - 3.6 V for AT25SF321
    AT25SF321B Deep Power Down Current (1 μA typical) vs 2 μA for AT25SF321
    AT25SF321B has an Additional read command Quad-I/O Word Fast Read (E7h)

    Yes, you can program the AT25SF321B too.

    Best regards,
    Renesas Electronics Online Support

  • Hai,

    I have an coustomised board with DA14683 MCU and W25Q40EW SPI FLASH. In that board flash is working and my application program is also working.

    Now I have a new board with same design containing DA14683 MCU and with NEW flash AT25SF041B. But here SPI is not flashing. I am using smartsnippet IDE.

    So SPI is flash is chnaged , so what are all the things i need change in my IDE or Code based on new spi flash. 

    I gone through both spi flash data sheets , pin description and opcodes commands maximum all are same. Is there any flash driver i need to add based on New SPI flash.

     And also How MCU copy the program to the SPI FLASH?

    Does the MCU contain any default code to Copy code to the SPI Flash? Where can we get that code?

    When I flash in new board ie MCU with AT25SF041B SPI Flash, only MCU part name is coming in TERA TERM serial monitor, I put some printf statements too to print helloworld. But only MCU PART number is coming in serial monitor. Why that is? [ MCU with old flash is working]

    Please help me for this.