We use the product AT45DB041E-SSHN2B-T in the product we developed. However, we are looking for alternative solutions as we cannot supply this product. Can we use AT45DB081E-SSHNHC-T instead of AT45DB081E without changing the firmware? When we examined the datasheets of both products, we saw that only the memory sizes were different. Other than that, are there any differences?
  • Hi,

    Yes you can use AT45DB081E-SSHNHC-T. Note the following information for this part:

    Device Marking: The shipping carrier suffix is not marked on the device.
    Parts ordered with suffix code ‘HC’ are shipped in tape and reel (T&R) only with the page size set to
    256 bytes. This option is only available for shipping in T&R (-T).

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  • Hi,

    What is exact the deviation of the AT45DB081E-SSHNHC-T (in my case compared to the AT45DB081E-SSHN-B).
    From my understanding it’s the page size which is set to 256 bytes and the T&R packaging.
    Are there any other differences which should be considered from the electrical or software side?
    I assume the NOR can be configured to the page size of 264 by software command. Is it correct?

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  • Hi Andre,
    Yes, NOR can be configured to the page size of 264 by software command.
    This is how =>
    To configure the device for standard DataFlash page size (264 bytes), a 4-byte opcode sequence of

    3Dh, 2Ah, 80h, and A7h must be clocked into the device.

    After the last bit of the opcode sequence has been clocked in, the CS pin must be
    deasserted to initiate the internally self-timed configuration process and nonvolatile register program cycle. The
    programming of the nonvolatile register should take place in a time of tEP, during which time the RDY/BUSY bit in the Status Register will indicate that the device is busy. The device does not need to be power cycled after the completion of the configuration process and register program cycle in order for the buffer and page size to be configured to 264 bytes.

    In regard to software differences, we strongly recommend your Software Engineer compare existing OP Code usage with new device op code list.

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