SLG59M1563V reverse blocking


I would like to understand the reverse blocking function for PN SLG59M1563V during ON state.

What will happen when 1.8V will drive the D pin while 3.3V will drive the S pin?

I don't want voltage leakage from the S to the D. is that component good to protect leakage for that case?

  • Hi,

    I am also experimenting whether the Reverse Blocking of the SLG59M1563V works safely.
    In conclusion, It is No.

    5V put in "S" leaks to "D" when "ON" = 'H'.
    Then the voltage of "D" rises to 5V.

    Even if "ON" = 'L', a small voltage (around 0.6V) leaks.

    It seems to be related to the "ON"s state at power-up, but I'm not sure.
    The Reverse Blocking feature is dangerous because it does not work as expected at least.

  • Hi sapirbuz, 

    Reverse blocking works only if IC is powered OFF, therefore ON is LOW. When IC is OFF typical leakage will be around 0.04uA.

    Could you check if the source isn't supplied by the voltage, which is higher than VDD?    

    Best regards,