Looking for step-up dc/dc converter with Vin 2.5V , Vout 30V

Hello Team,

I am looking for a boost converter with the following requirements :

Vin 2.5 To 4V

Vout >30V

power output 8W,

I did not manage to find any boost device that accepts Vin below 4.5V, could you please advise if we have anything to offer?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


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  • Shai  shalom you   can use ISL97519A   with extrenal  Fet  for higher  voltage  choose a  fet  with 65-55v at least   see   explanation in the   datasheets make sure you  are  with in  the  chip correct   spec limitation of the chip  & run  ISIM simulation at 500kHz   any  if you have  questions  please call me  shabat shalom  koby

    Galberg Avnet Silica  Israel  :