RZA1L QSPI flash programming problem


I have a problem about programming QSPI flash with either e2 studio or .bat file command system. I use Stream It kit.

it gives result succesfull download to QSPI flash but application not running.

also I couldn't see any drivers and sample example for SPI multi IO bu controller. 

any idea about these?



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  • Device "R7S721021" selected.

    Downloading file [StreamIt2_QSPI_Loader_Release.bin]...

    ****** Error: Timeout while erasing sector, core does not stop. (PC = 0x200201EE, CPSR = 0x6000003F, LR = 0x200201E1)!
    Unspecified error -1

    Script processing completed.

    Type "connect" to establish a target connection, '?' for help