RZA1L QSPI flash programming problem


I have a problem about programming QSPI flash with either e2 studio or .bat file command system. I use Stream It kit.

it gives result succesfull download to QSPI flash but application not running.

also I couldn't see any drivers and sample example for SPI multi IO bu controller. 

any idea about these?



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  • OK, so there are two options.
    1: the QSPI device is booting, but on connection is configuring the QSPI to a state where it can no longer be used. this can happen if the incorrect boot loader is used. This will happen very quickly at power on. The only solution is to erase the device.
    2: The board is broken.

    So assuming 1:

    Please find the Segger installation folder, possibly here:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\SEGGER\JLink_(version)

    Please run JFlash.exe
    Choose File / New Project
    Select the correct device in the dialog presented (use the device number on your chip).
    Change interface to JTAG

    Then select Target / Manual Programming / Erase Chip

    Wait for the process to complete.

    You should then be able to connect to the device and program normally again.

    Please let me know if this works..

    I see that qspi communication is ok on the scope. But erasing the device is not succesfull. I doubt that qspi spansion chip may be in a protected state that I can not erase the device, So I can not erase or program the device. J link flasher says erasing ok but when I look in the memory browser e2 studio looks erase (memory area is different from 0xff) unsuccesfull.