RZ/N2L Ethernet configuration problem

I want to ask a simple question:

It is said that n2l can support External Ethernet 3 ports, Can it be configured as PROFINET RT&IRT, Ethernet/IP and EtherCAT at the same time, that is it  can supports three kinds of communication at the same time.Is this possible?is that reasonable?


  • I think this question about "same time" is not meaning runtime (this would not be possible and does not make sense). Instead I guess your question covers the configuration for one of these listed protocols during boot time.

    Basically such function is related to the software, not to the hardware. From hardware perspective we support such feature. But we don’t have sample code for it. I consider such function as customer specific. Other than for example the autoneg function of Ethernet Phys, there is no standard for protocol autodetect defined. It means the firmware has to detect the protocol by listening to the network and then making a decision based on certain criteria. Since these criteria are not standardized, such approach might work in a certain scenario or not. Therefore, it is up to the customer to define his strategy on protocol autodetection.

    Concept wise, our device contains a hard coded 1st stage bootloader, which loads the user defined 2nd stage boot loader, for which we provide tested sample code. From this 2nd stage bootloader onwards, the further startup process is under customer control. This includes the strategy to select one of multiple Ethernet protocols.