RZ/Five gcc issue

Dear Renesas Team,

I have enabled GCC in RZ/Five and RZ/G2L smarc board, in RZ/G2L it is working fine, but in RZ/Five it is trowing an error not able to build anything, it is showing segmentation fault.

please find the below config file in local.conf

IMAGE_FEATURES += "tools-sdk"
IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " gcc binutils"

please find the below picture of the segmentation fault.

Please help us to sort out this issue.

Thanks & Regards

Mahesh R 

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  • Hi MicBis,

    Yes i need to install GCC on the target board, because i need to install few other packages that requires GCC dependency, also there is no docker feature released for RZ/FIVE, its mandatory to install gcc on the target board to meet the customer requirement.

    Thanks & Regards

    Mahesh R