[ERROR] Err code 0x30 : V4L2 : Failed to Open. in RZ/V2M


I am trying to run the sample application "Darknet Tiny YOLOv2 MIPI-HDMI version", but getting an error "[ERROR] Err code 0x30 : V4L2 : Failed to Open".

Please suggest, if something missing.



  • Hi, suresh

    The app you are running is not the "Darknet Tiny YOLOv2 MIPI-HDMI version". (It is "Eva soft".)
    "Darknet Tiny YOLOv2 MIPI-HDMI version" is stored in the "app_tinyyolov2_cam_hdmi" folder of DRP-AI Support PKG.
    See the application note (r11an0569ej0730-rzv2m-drpai-application-note.pdf) for usege.