Running Darknet Tiny YOLOv2 MIPI-HDMI version Sample application but no output on HDMI Screen

Hi All,

I am running "Darknet Tiny YOLOv2 MIPI-HDMI version" sample application. I think the application started running but nothing getting on HDMI Screen means a blank screen(no output), as can be seen in the below logs. Please suggest if something missing. Thanks in advance.

root@rzv2m:~/exe_1# ./sample_app_tinyyolov2_cam_hdmi
RZ/V2M DRP-AI Sample Application
Model : Darknet Tiny YOLOv2 | tinyyolov2_cam
Input : MIPI Camera
[START] Loading DRP-AI Data...
[START] Loading tinyyolov2_cam/drp_desc.bin: size 300 at address C31439C0
[END] Loading tinyyolov2_cam/drp_desc.bin
[START] Loading tinyyolov2_cam/tinyyolov2_cam_drpcfg.mem: size 1F3660 at address C2F33EC0
[END] Loading tinyyolov2_cam/tinyyolov2_cam_drpcfg.mem
[START] Loading tinyyolov2_cam/drp_param.bin: size 270 at address C3127540
[END] Loading tinyyolov2_cam/drp_param.bin
[START] Loading tinyyolov2_cam/aimac_desc.bin: size 1C1E0 at address C31277C0
[END] Loading tinyyolov2_cam/aimac_desc.bin
[START] Loading tinyyolov2_cam/tinyyolov2_cam_weight.dat: size 1E4280C at address C10F1680
[END] Loading tinyyolov2_cam/tinyyolov2_cam_weight.dat
[END] Loading DRP-AI Data : Total loading time 0.059112 s

  • Hi Suresh,
    DRP-AI seems to be 'ok'. The next step loads the input image.
    Did you add the ISP package ?
    (That's a requirement for the MIPI camera.)

    If yes, could you please share the used VLP, DRP-AI and ISP package versions ?

    Kid regards,