RZ/T1 FA-CODER interface CRC Problem

While most Tama River encoders function correctly, some may experience CRC errors when dealing with specific Tama River protocol encoders. Testing data indicates that this issue may be caused by minor discrepancies between the data returned by the encoder and the standard Tama River protocol. It is hypothesized that this problem may be related to insufficient redundancy handling by the built-in FPGA in RZ/T1 when processing encoder data. How should one address this situation? Is it advisable to modify the official .dat file? Furthermore, it's worth mentioning that the official RZ/T1 motor development kit and its associated programs also exhibit the same problem.

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    Thank you for your information and hypothesis. I think it is good to inform this matter to the Renesas RZ/T1 technical support. I already forward it to RZ/T1 technical support. If you have…

  • supplement:

    The timing of the CRC failure encoder protocol, where the maximum value of Ten1+Test1 is 2.3-5.5 us. And The actual test results are 3.8-4 us.

    For the encoder protocol without errors, the timing value of Ten1+Test1 is expected to be 2.6-3.6 microseconds, and in actual testing, it measures 3.2 microseconds.

    This timing may indeed fully explain the CRC failure, but how should it be handled?

  • Hi

    It seems the waveform is not related to the CRC error.

    The screenshots you refers to; are they from the Tamagawa FA-CODER datasheet?

    Does that coder meet the specifications of FA-CODER?

    Is the bit rate of FA-CODER is 2.5Mbps?

    It would be nice to see the datasheet(English version) of that Tamagawa FA-CODER. Can you share that?

  • yes, the bit rate of FA-CODER is 2.5Mbps and So why is it that caused the CRC error。

    and the datasheet of the Tamagawa FA-CODER is here .


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