Hi we are using the RZN1D to run ECAT slave using ETH4 and ETH5 ports,

We saw on the "RZ_N1_EB_Board_Setup_Notes.VE10.pdf" document section 8 the following remark :


The default assembly of PHY addresses is not compliant with the EtherCAT standard.
Solution: Change assembly of PHY address setting (refer chapter 5.1.3)


Can you explain how the Phy address is impacting the compliance to the ETHERCAT standard? 

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    In combination with the RZN1 Expansion board, the RZN1D is able to support 3 EtherCAT ports (see Figure 5.1 EtherCAT Slave Connections in the RZN1 User Manual “Ethernet”). While the first two ports are on the RZN1D-DB board, the 3rd port is on the Expansion board.

    According to the indications in document RZ_N1_EB_Board_Setup_Notes.VE10.pdf  in chapter 5.1.3 RGMII3 (IC3), the MDIO address for the Ethernet port 3 (the 3rd EtherCAT port according to Figure 5.1 above) is 10. On the RZN1D-DB board the two EtherCAT ports have the MDIO addresses 0 and 1.

    On the other side the EtherCAT specification and recommendations provide the following:

    The PHY addresses should be equivalent to the logical port number (0-3).

    Some ESCs also support a fixed offset (e.g. offset 16, PHY addresses are logical port number plus 16: 16-19), an arbitrary offset, or even individually configurable PHY addresses. If none of these possibilities can be used, the PHY address should be configured to logical port number plus 1 (1-4), ...

    Please refer to the related EtherCAT documents from the ETG / EtherCAT Technology Group and Beckhoff. The text above is taken from the an_phy_selection_guidev2.7.pdf document:


    EtherCAT PHY Selection Guide

    Requirements to Ethernet PHYs used for EtherCAT …

    You see, with the provided MDIO addresses 0, 1 and 10 for the 3 EtherCAT ports on the RZN1D-DB+Expansion you cannot fulfil the EtherCAT requirements for consecutive MDIO addresses.

    Additional note:
    Please also download the latest RZN1 Solution Kit package from our website. The document name "RZ_N1_EB_Board_Setup_Notes.VE10.pdf" is indicating that you are using an older version. The current version is VE20.

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