Integration of SWupdate in VLP 3.0.3

Hi Team,

As My project demand to Have OTA fw update. I  choose  SWupdate as my software update agent.

Processor I am using: RZG2N

Package I have used: RZ/G Verified Linux Package v3.0.3( (ZIP)

The Package is successfully build and I have copied this to SD card and everything works fine. Now 20.04 dunfell is running in my board.

For integrating swupdate to my image I have added the layer to  bblayer.conf file

after that I have tried building the image now a strange error is coming

" ERROR: Multiple versions of u-boot are due to be built (/home/vishnu/rzg_vlp_v3.0.3/build/../meta-renesas/meta-rz-common/recipes-bsp/u-boot/ /home/vishnu/rzg_vlp_v3.0.3/build/../poky/meta/recipes-bsp/u-boot/ Only one version of a given PN should be built in any given build. You likely need to set PREFERRED_VERSION_u-boot to select the correct version or don't depend on multiple versions. "

I have added "

PREFERRED_PROVIDER_u-boot-fw-utils = “libubootenv”

" this line in local.conf and tried again, still the same error.

Please help me with this situation.

Thanks and regards