Qwiic 9 axis IMU not getting detected in RZV2L.

I am testing imu on RZV2L avnet board inside a docker container [docker image: ros:noetic]. I have connected the device, but the i2c-tools doesn't seem to be detecting it.

PFA the Library I am testing.
I get the error ''' Error connecting to Device: 69, [Errno 6] No such device or address'''' When i run the python code inside examples folder.

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  • Hi,

    From your answer and the results of i2cdetect, I think that the i2c device is exposed correctly and the i2c-4 is also functioning correctly.

    So, have you changed the i2c bus number (iBus) to 4 in the qwiic I2C driver (Qwiic_I2C_Pyi2c) package according to your hardware specifications?

    Are you using it as is?