Hi Renesas Team,

How to Enable all uarts in the RZFIVE BOARD.

In RZFIVE block Diagram mentioned 5xSCIF(UART) i need all uarts how to enable this.

Thanks and regards,

Umesha T

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  • Hi Renesas Team,

    In our application, we need to access UARTs, and we are considering taking the wiring from the edge connector for testing purposes. Additionally, we are exploring the possibility of enabling these UARTs using a Device Tree Source (DTS) file.

    Could you please provide instructions or insights on how to configure the DTS file to enable these UARTs? Any guidance or documentation

    Thanks and regards,
    umesha T

  • Isn't the current evk device tree enough as reference?

    There are some UARTs enabled scif0 and scif1, you can take them as examples.