RZ/T1 CMSIS Library

 Hi! Hope Every one is doing fine.

Target Processor: Renesas RZ/T1
Evaluation Board: RTK7910018

Sample Code: CMSIS-DSP library for RZ/T1 Group: Introduction Guide

I have copied these CMSIS Sample code library in to my code but it is unable to compile and is giving many errors. Unable to find stdint.h but stdint.h is in same folder and path is also added. Anyone with the solution? How to resolve this issue?

Is this CMSIS library is for both Cortex R4 and Cortex M3 controllers?


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  • Those files are at workspace/include folder.
    Add the folder as include search path (-I option) in build configuration dialog.

    The sample project did work for me by unzip it and use "Existing Projects into Workspace" import wizard, but "copy projects into workspace" should be unchecked, then upgrade project.
    The -nostdinc option in Cross ARM C Compiler -> Preprocessor in build configuration dialog should be disabled to let recognize standard header files.

    I'd rather recommend re-importing it.