Debugging sample code of different board

Hi! Renesas Community!

Target Processor: Renesas RZ/T1
Evaluation Board: RTK7910018

Sample Code: RZ/T1 Group Initial Settings for Microcomputers Incorporating the R-IN Engine

This sample code is developed for Evaluation Board: RTK7910017

I have purchased RTK7910018 Evaluation kit.

Project Builds successfully.

When i try to debug this code, Error pops up it says the project is configured for RTK7910017 but you are launching for RTK7910018.

What changes do i have to make, to get this sample code working on RTK7910018 kit.

I have changed device number

  • Any Update please?

    Anyone facing the same issue, please comment, How to sort it out.

  • Hi Malik,
    My apologies for the late response.
    Is your issue resolved?
    Kind Regards.

  • In e2studio, when there is a mismatch between the configured device(e.g.,RTK7910017) of the project and the device in RSK board/debug hardware(e.g., RTK7910018) is different, user usually see a pops us window with error or warning during debugging. So you need to change the deice in the project.

    The Sample Code "RZ/T1 Group Initial Settings for Microcomputers Incorporating the R-IN Engine" is prepared with a relatively old e2studio 6.1.0 version.

    Normally, you can easily change the device in the e2studio, as you tried already.

    However the e2studio 6.1.0 is used for this sample code development. So, I would say, please use the same tool version for easy going and change the device of the project to the device of RSK board/debug hardware(e.g., RTK7910018).

    You can download the e2studio 6.1.0  from Renesas website.