MIPI CSI and DSI interface RZ/A2M

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For one of our project, it was intitially decided to use a RZ/A2M.

It is stated that there is a MIPI CSI interface but no MIPI DSI. Is it still possible to use the CSI interface as output to drive a display, or is it strictly impossible due to hardware considerations ?

If not, is there any other way to drive a display using MIPI DSI with that MCU ? 

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  • Hi Akoz,
    No, you cannot use the CSI interface as output to drive a display. You can add a "bridge" chip.
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  • There are different types of MIPI interfaces existing:
    1.) MIPI-CSI RX -->  (receive) connection is used to connect a camera module
    2.) MIPI-CSI TX -->  (transmit) this interface will be used as output in a camera interface
    3.) MIPI-DSI (TX) --> this is used to connect a display module
    4.) MIPI-DSI (RX) --> this is the interface on a display module.

    The RZA2M has a MIPI interface of type 1.) it can only be used to connect a camera module.
    The RZA2M has a parallel output interface where a cheap display can be connected

    In case you want to connect a MIPI-DSI display a converter chip can be used
    Input: parallel interface , output MIPI DSI

    In general a MIPI DSI + converter chip is much more expensive than a parallel interface.
    Also the programming of a DSI based display is sometimes a little bit tricky.


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  • Thank you for the detailled explanation.