1G Ethernet detection on RZN1D platform


We are using custom board based on RZN1D platform. I wanted to configure the 1G PHY (vsc8531) from CM3 core. We have used VSC8531 Ethernet PHY for 1G Port. I have modified the "00410_goal\eth_state_ctc_cc" example code and able to detect the default PHY ID of VSC8531. To make sure the 1G PHY is working correctly i wanted to ping from system/ PC. I have used the another project "goal_eip_lib\02_dlr_dhcp" for this but unable to debug the functionality because only .h (header) files are included in project.

1) which example code i have to use to check ping functionality of Ethernet?

2) How to set the IP address of RZN1D board?

3) How to debug the GOAL project which have only .h files?

Please help me to resolve the issue.