Issue with RZNID evk board 2xUSB Hostmode option not working in linux


   we are trying to run USB1 and USB2 in Host mode. But we are not able to run USB1 in host mode.

please let us know the changes needed to do in UBOOT and DTS file related changes to make it run in host mode.  

  • Hi Gangadhara,
    Our team is investigating your issue and will reach to you soon.
    Kind Regards.

  • Hi,

    I think you are using the Renesas RZN1D-DB SolutionKit board.

    With DIP switch SW2-5 the USB mode can be switched between 2x USB Host (OFF) and USB Host+Device (ON).
    Did you choose the correct setting?

    Further on the 2nd USB host port is placed on the RZN1D-EB Expansion board on connector J20 and not on the RZN1D-DB board. Only CN9 can be used as a host interface, but not the CN10 USB debugging connector.
    Did you take this into account as well?   (you mentioned one board only)

    For related information please check the board documents (schematics and board setup) of both boards.

  • We are interested in access USB 1 (host mode ) from LInux and USB 2 (HOST) from CM3 .

    Please let us know the change need to done in kernel and U-boot related chnages.

  • We do not have implemented a SW solution which is supporting USB Host on the CortexA7 side under Linux and a 2nd USB Host from the CortexM3 at the same time. The RZN1D has a combined USB controller with a shared functions inside the IP and a shared register set, as shown in the RZN1 User Manual in Figure 10.2 USB Subsystem Block Diagram.
    In such a use case two independently acting OSes from different cores would access the same USB resource.
    This requires certain and customized measures for the OS/core synchronization with a dedicated communication structure between both sides. Such kind of use case combined with a different OS has not taken into account with the actual Linux implementation.