RZ/T2M: clear timer1 when timer0 overflows


I'm trying to automatically clear a timer (timer 1) when another timer (timer0) overflows.

As stacks, among others, I've g_timer0 set to channel 0, g_timer1 set to channel 1 end g_elc.

In g_timer1's properties, I enable in Input, Clear Source, the checkbox "GPT0_OVF (GPT0 GTCNT overflow (GTpr COMPARE MATCH))". If I do this, I get the following error:

Description    Resource    Path    Location    Type
g_timer1 Timer Driver on r_gpt: Requires an ELC peripheral function for GPT    configuration.xml    /test_irq    Unknown    Configuration Error

I did different trials in the event links tab too, but with no luck. The actual configuration is the following:

What Am I doing wrong? Thanks!


I solved by removing the checkbox in that option and using the following code to let g_timer1 use as source input the LLPP GPT Event A:

g_timer1.p_api->open(g_timer1.p_ctrl, g_timer1.p_cfg);

gpt_instance_ctrl_t * p_instance_ctrl = (gpt_instance_ctrl_t *)g_timer1.p_ctrl;

p_instance_ctrl->p_reg->GTCSR_b.CSELCA = 1;


But I'd like to know why doing it via the FSP configuration doesn't work, thank you!

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