RZ/T2M TSN Switch Cut-Through Feature

Hi all,

for one of our products we planned to use RZ/T2M with its TSN features and its switch. Because of special needs we have to use the cut-through feature of the T2M Switch. Unfortuantely I have seen, that there is an errata with the RX FIFO and the workaround recommands not to use cut-through (at least at RX FIFO).  

This recommendation simply means that this feature cut-through that is essential for our application is not usable.

So my questions:

- Is there an other workaround to use cut-through anyway?

- Is there anything a user can do to not have this problem while using cut-through?

- Is there a plan to fix this problem with a newer revision of the chip?

Thank you very much in advance for answering. 

Best Regards